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Mexico Visa Types

Considering a winter move to Mexico? Or planning an extended stay of over 180 days? or doing business in Mexico?

Please bear in mind that there are several types of visa, depending on the duration or purpose of your stay.

The visas you may want to apply for are:

1. Visitors who do not require a visa, with a stay of up to 180 days;

2. Visitor Visa without permission to conduct remunerated activities;

3. Visa with permission to conduct remunerated activities aka Working Visa;

4. Permanent Resident Visa;

5. Temporary Resident Visa;

6. Visa due to theft, loss or destruction of resident card;

7. Diplomatic Visa;

8. Temporary Student Resident Visa;

9. Visas for the Youth Mobility Program; and

10. Visitor Visa to conduct Adoption Proceedings.

Whether you are unsure which visa applies to you or want further assistance in the process, we are happy to assist you.

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