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How to Cancel Timeshare in Mexico

It's easy to get swept up in a sales pitch when you're dreaming of owning a place in Mexico. Timeshare salespeople make it seem so simple to own a piece of Mexico. However, owning a timeshare in Mexico is different from owning one in Canada or the United States.


Mexican timeshares are usually beachfront condos and hotels. When you buy a timeshare in Mexico, you are purchasing the right to use the property, not an ownership interest in the property.


Take your time to do your own research on the Resort, the promises the make, the cost of this investment, and how to exit a timeshare contract.


In Mexico, you have a five-business-day grace period to cancel a timeshare contract. If you are within this period, hire a Mexican real estate lawyer to send a formal letter to the Resort requesting the cancellation of the contract.


People often realize they might be victims of the timeshare sales pitch only after the grace period has ended. If this happens, you have the following options:


  1. To give away your Mexican timeshare;

  2. To work directly with your timeshare company to get released from your timeshare;

  3. To rescind your Mexican timeshare contract


In any event, please avoid timeshare resale (usually they are scams) and hire a Mexican real estate lawyer.


Our office can assist you in any stage you are at.

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