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How do I claim my inheritance from Mexico?

Dealing with the passing of family members can indeed stir up a range of emotions, along with uncertainties regarding inheritance rights. That's why gaining a clear understanding of inheritance law in Mexico is crucial in such situations.

This process involves several stages:

Step 1. Locate the will

Step 2. Protect the deceased’s property

Step 3. Notify others of the death (Heirs, Mexican bank acting as a trust)

Step 4. Update your own legal affairs

There are some documents that are essential to start the inheritance process in Mexico like:

1. Death Certificate;

2. Will (When there's no will, intestate succession applies, and Mexico's inheritance laws determine how assets are distributed among heirs);

3. Birth and Marriage Certificates;

4. Official IDs for both the deceased and the heirs;

5. Inventory of Assets: A detailed list of the deceased's assets in Mexico, including property, bank accounts, investments, vehicles, etc.

Mexican Legal Representation: Foreign heirs may need a Mexican lawyer to oversee the inheritance process on their behalf.

For more information, feel free to reach out to us.

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